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Our work at the facility includes

  • project manager
  • PSC director
  • chief security officer
  • security staff
  • post time sheet
  • equipment schedule
  • access system
  • video surveillance system
  • alarm button
  • video surveillance system
  • a tablet for monitoring of the security personnel's actions

Project execution envisages

  • presentation of services
  • facility audit
  • statement of works
  • project of works and commercial offer
  • partner planning of work execution
  • project execution under the agreement
  • monthly reporting
  • monthly reports on the project works performed
  • suggestions to improve the security systems
  • monthly debriefing involving the Client

Interactions at the facility envisage

  • safety of information reporting
  • special admission to reports
  • a software superintendent
  • a plan of actions to eliminate any security flaws (drawn up jointly by the Security Department and representatives of the PSC at a separate meeting)

While executing the plan of actions, the Security Department uses additional services provided by the PSC. The Security Department and the PSC jointly summarize the results under the chairmanship of the retail chain director or his/her Representative.

Application of servicing equipment at the facility envisages

  • reporting software
  • alarm button
  • video surveillance for the chief security officer
  • a system to ensure the PSC rapid response service can monitor the facility and control the security staff's actions
  • fire alarm and anti-theft sensors
  • anti-shoplifting door security devices at the store
  • availability of a situation center at the PSC with all the necessary software
  • facility access system
  • electronic locks at entrance and exit doors


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